A game that gives your baby long intelligence


Intellectual development is the most important part of the baby’s growth process, especially in the critical period of growth of 0-3 years. The early education during this time plays a crucial role in the life of his future life. Don’t think that your baby’s intelligence is completely determined by genes. If you do well in early education, you can make your baby smart and maximize your baby’s potential.

Small letters, go home

1. Make a set of uppercase and lowercase letters first, then take a shoe box and draw the doors and windows to make a house.

2. Spread the lowercase letters on the table in front of the baby. You play “letter mom and dad”, take a capital letter, and shout the corresponding lowercase letters to go home, such as “go home, small a” let the baby find the corresponding letter, put it into the house. Complete the game of all letters in this way.

This game can help your baby know the letters and stimulate their imagination.

Animal mask

1. Make three animal masks with cardboard, cut out the oval eye holes, and wear one, let the children guess what kind of animal masks they wear.

2, but you want her not to tell you the name of the animal, just answer the questions you asked, such as “Do I live in the forest?”, “Is my voice ringing?”, “Do I like to eat radishes?”, “Do I run fast?”

3. Occasionally do some incorrect guessing, or ask a stupid question, let the child participate in the game, make more masks, and let him wear different masks and ask you questions.

This game allows children to learn about different concepts, exercise language skills and solve problems.

Although intelligence is genetically determined, moms and dads still want their babies to be smarter. If so, then take advantage of early childhood practice and help develop your baby’s brain through simple games.

Kick and kick, stretch out

1. Put down soothing classical music, father and mother help the baby to do physical kinesthetic training;

2, do head and neck movement (front, back, left, right), arm exercises (front, back, left, right, stretch and loop), leg movements (take the seat to do the adduction, abduction, flexion, extension , around the ring) and other exercises.

3, Mom and Dad do exercises for the baby, while watching the baby’s eyes, read the password: one two three four, two two three four…

The activity on the left side of the body is directed by the right brain, and the activity on the right side is directed by the left brain. Therefore, Mom and Dad often help the baby to exercise, not only can improve the flexibility and coordination of the baby’s body function, but also cultivate the concept of baby space, promote the development of the left and right brain

Looking for toys

1. Prepare some brightly colored toys and sit on the carpet with your baby face to face;

2, when the baby is not paying attention, hide the toy under the blanket, revealing a small edge;

3. Mom and Dad ask the baby tentatively: “Where is the toy going?” The baby will be very surprised and look around;

4. If the baby can find out, it is necessary to praise the baby in time. If the baby can’t find it very irritated, Mom and Dad will try to point the part of the toy to the baby and say, “Is it here?” Guide the baby The toy is taken out of the blanket.

Jar game

Preparation: Two empty cans, three small plates, each containing soybeans, rice, and sand.

1. Mom and Dad give the baby an empty can, and ask the baby to put the beans in the plate.

2. Then let the baby practice pouring the beans from one jar to the other.

3. Mom and Dad remind the baby not to spill the beans outside.

4. The baby then practices pouring rice and sand.


1. According to the baby’s ability, the caliber of the jar can be large to small.

2. Always pay attention to your baby’s safety when dumping sand.


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