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Now that we have defined the main factors that make it possible to validate if its idea of ​​open trade is judicious, we propose to examine 5 concepts in the light of these criteria to familiarize you with this methodology.

Most Important Business Ideas are Listed Below with Details:

  1. Business idea open a large size clothing store
  2. Business Idea Open an e-cigarette shop
  3. Business Idea Open a UAV Store
  4. Business Idea Open a Frozen Yogurt Shop
  5. Business Idea Open a depot for sale of used child care equipment

1. Business idea open a large size clothing store

Open a large size clothing store is an original concept, not to mention rare. However, there is a real lack in this area. Indeed, as this article published by Les Echos underlines , most brands do not exceed the size As a result, supply is much lower than demand, and limited competition is largely limited to foreign brands on the Internet.

As we can see, large size clothing is therefore a market where sales volume is not a problem. It concerns a large part of the population and it is also a segment where purchases are repeated and frequent.
The Business must be in a zone frequented by the target or, failing that, with a very strong attendance. We will therefore favor a location in a major shopping center at a boutique on a small residential street.
As for working capital requirements, it all depends on your positioning. If you want to specialize in luxury luxury, your items may be quite expensive and your turnover relatively low, which will require more cash than if you are targeting a segment of the general public.

Growth opportunities are commensurate with the market: consistent. The INSEE learn that the world grow, grow, and that the obesity curve is increasing. No reason therefore that this type of shop does not meet a success that would allow it to be declined in several points of sale even in franchise.

2. Business Idea Open an e-cigarette shop

Opening an e-cigarette shop means facing moderate competition by positioning yourself in a niche market.
The e-cigarette market has expanded rapidly between 2013 and 2015, but is trending downward as evidenced by the Ernst & Young E-cigarette: an emerging category survey conducted early 2016 for British American Tobacco.

The study, which focused on France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Poland, Germany and South Korea, shows a + 86% increase in vapers between 2013 and 2015, followed by a significant decrease of nearly 10% since 2015 in France. However, a differentiated concept could probably make it possible to take advantage of the windfall represented by this sector. One could imagine a luxury positioning, or based on diversity. INPES has more than 7,700 flavors available on the market.

In any case, pay attention to the adequacy between your positioning and your location. We will not locate a luxury boutique in a popular area. In any case, we will favor the shopping districts, with a lot of passage.
We must also emphasize the considerable advantage of this market: a high sales volume. Even if the People are mostly equipped with electronic cigarette, the product itself implies a logic of repeated purchases in order to equip itself with recharging, besides it is in addition an addictive product and which therefore favors a substantial purchase volume.

Control of the BFR will be made easy with inexpensive products for the most part, small in size that do not require too much storage space or exposure. Many companies already offer to integrate their franchise network, a sign that this type of business has real growth opportunities and is easily Decidable.

It should be noted for this business idea that it will also be necessary to take into account the regulations and laws specific to this product, their possible Evolution, because, as for tobacco, direct advertising is prohibited and therefore, the establishment a marketing plan can be greatly complicated.
If you want to know more about how to open this type of business, you can read our practical guide: how to open an e-cigarette store

3. Business Idea Open a UAV Store

This very recent and original market still has very little competition. Only certain specialized sites on the Internet, some model-making shops or the big Hi-Tech brands offer this kind of products.
To differentiate itself from these competitors, one will be able to rely on an expertise and a consulting dimension inevitably little present on Internet where the interactions with the shopkeeper are very limited, just as in the signs which are not specialists of the subject. When we take advantage of a niche trip, I can not find a large volume of sales, this is particularly profitable thanks to a ticket.

The location of the shop must be defined by the target, far from being only composed of children. On the contrary, it will be primarily for the leisure component of young adults wanting new sensations.
The drone market is also invaded by civil and professional UAVs, as this article by Usine Nouvelle highlights, the market for civilian drones could exceed 650 million euros in 2025 . So we imagine perfectly this kind of Business in a craft or commercial area depending on the intended clientele.

Controlling your working capital requirement may be difficult because the products are sometimes very expensive which may translate into a high cash flow requirement to finance stocks. The growth opportunities in this segment are real, the market is still emerging but should grow very quickly, even if the regulation could still evolve and possibly provoke a contraction of the market in case of less permissive measures.

4. Business Idea Open a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Frozen Yogurt, or frozen yogurt, is a healthy and original alternative to traditional ice cream. Surfing on the wave of the good-eating, the little used concept makes it possible to enjoy a very weak direct competition.
Margins are low but sales volumes are potentially very high … at least in summer. Indeed, this type of Business generally suffers from a very marked seasonality.

We will make sure to install this type of shop in a busy area, possibly tourist, so as to capture a maximum of traffic, especially during the summer period. A cheap product to produce, with cheap raw materials and a high level of inventory turnover: controlling working capital needs should not be a major problem.

Currently niche, the frozen yogurt market could still develop by highlighting its “healthy eating” aspect. It is also a perfect dessert for allergic and gluten intolerant. There are already many frozen yog hurt franchises ( All Franchise ) that decline this trendy concept that still has real growth opportunities

5.  Open a depot for sale of used child care Equipment

When one wonders what Business to open, one can not help but think of a second-hand sale of used childcare equipment. The second-hand market is doing well but it is reaching its peak when it comes to the childcare segment. It must be said that used baby equipment has a clear competitive advantage over new products, which are by definition intended to be used for a short period of time. Thus, 49% of the mothers have already bought used childcare items, a figure which increases to 66% for the inactive mothers. The market, very attractive, nevertheless suffers from strong competition from the web with ad sites like Lebon coin for example.

The main disadvantage of the used baby Business is the low margin, which is much smaller than the new one. However, the sales volume is guaranteed. In this market, we are witnessing a system of repeated purchases and sales as the child grows up, which leads to a natural loyalty of the clientele.

Location is a key topic, especially given the fierce competition from the Internet. It will then be wise to target a residential area preferred by families or choose a local near nursery and / or kindergarten.
Significant benefit, with this type of Business, the working capital requirement is negative because since it is a deposit-sale, there is no need to finance a stock.

The growth opportunities are real. With a more dynamic demography than its European neighbors and a relatively high rate of equipment in childcare equipment: on average, 16 products held per household. People could see developing on its territory that type of business. That’s all for this time. We hope that this article has given you ideas and that you now know what Business to open!


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