Business ideas for college students

Business ideas for college students

The ability to do a small business or make money while being a student could be quite fascinating and prove to be a rewarding experience in one’s life. This activity is also a necessity for every student because not only does he fill his pocket but he also contributes to future initiatives.

Business ideas for college students

Cover letters and CVs:

Learn the techniques of writing cover letters and take over the professional cover. Imagine the number of students who go out of college each year to look for a job, help them by providing suitable cover letters, you would need a bit of marketing to show them exactly how your service can improve their resume.


Whether you are an expert in a particular language or any other subject, you can always look forward to making money. For example, good home tutors are always in great demand for the children of the school.

Learn an activity:

Do not let your talent and knowledge of extracurricular activities such as playing guitar, piano, painting, etc. thrown in the trash. Join a music school or art school that holds weekend classes or start your own classes.


You can look for part-time accountant jobs in small businesses and make some money each month. You do not have to be familiar with accounting. It only takes a few days to learn small business accounting and even a science student can do this job.

Sell handmade objects (Handmade):

If you have talent in making gift items or any other useful product, this is a great opportunity for you to make money. Take part in art and craft exhibitions and exhibitions to market and sell your handmade items. You can even sell your works if you are good.

Computer Help

If you are good at IT, you can provide a software installation service, computer repair service, and other computer-related support services. It’s a good way to make money and develop everyone’s computer skills.


Doing blogs is a habit. Blogs can be put for free, do not miss now to pick your topic, start writing today! A trending and Top nich one of my favorite earning source which I have listed in Business ideas for college students. Through Blogging, thousands of dollars students can make easily on monthly basis by doing only 5-6hours work on a daily basis.

Sell on eBay:

This should not be a new term for you. Almost everything can be sold on eBay. Sell your unused items or buy unused items from your neighbors or friends or even businesses to sell them at a higher price on eBay.

Design the slogans of T-shirt:

Companies pay for T-shirt slogans. If you think you have a good sense of humor, use your talent and sell your slogans online.

Sell ebooks :

Use your writing to create useful and informative ebooks and sell them online. eBooks should not be 100 pages. Even a few pages of good information can be presented for sale. These days, you can also publish and sell your own hard copy book to Amazon without any investment. You should check this list of sites where you can sell your eBooks.

Give a Comment online:

Did you know that you can get paid to write comments? Comments are usually made for products and services of companies willing to pay for the same. You should check paid to review sites like,

Make surveys online:

Spending twenty minutes doing online surveys every day to make money is not a bad deal after all !! There are many legitimate sites that pay for taking surveys online. You must apply for those who operate in your country. Here are some good survey sites are Toluna, PanelPlace, GlobalTestMarket, etc.

Play online games:

If you enjoy playing digital games, do not just play hobbies, play to make money. Choose one of the sites such as, and other websites giving a handsome buck for playing games.

Write articles and win

Even if you do not want to create your own blog, you can write for other revenue sharing sites. Two of the best revenue sharing blog sites you need to join are Squidoo and Hubpages. Now, a day’s people are charging 10$ per 500 words article on freelancing sites Like Fiverr, iwriter, Freelancer and Upwork etc

Sell photos online

If taking photographs is your hobby, do not wait any longer to make money online. There are many sites that pay for digital photographs. Some of the best sites are iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock. As well you can sell them on freelancing sites Like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

Quality captures live video :

You will need a good cam recorder. Whether at campus events or other concerts, any live recording, edit and upload to your YouTube channel and after monetization, you can earn 100 of bucks on monthly basis. As I have made 1000$ dollars from this method. So its a very important Business ideas for college students. As well  You can easily make money from Google Ads.

Organize events:

Not only parties but organizing small events like dance competition, singing contest, etc., can bring a lot of money for you. In addition, it will not be a big problem if you team up with your friends. Your source of income could be participants and also sponsors and advertisers.

Help businesses in social media

There are still many small businesses that do not yet know the value of Web Marketing. Convince small local businesses about the benefits of socializing and promoting their business online and keeping early Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and promoting in Google Places, etc. Doing these simple tasks can give you a lot of money!
So, these are the 18 business ideas for students. Do not go for each of them. Choose the ones that seem best for you.


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