Business Ideas for students How to step in a Business

Business Ideas for students

Our generation is filled with young people with a strong desire to undertake. The students I can meet have a lot of ideas that they would like to bring to life, however, I notice that few choose to start a business. Perhaps because the current situation around employment worries them. Yet, in our exchanges, I feel that they are more and more interested in creating their own jobs. They do not necessarily find the courage and the determination for all that.

Business Ideas for students – Be confident

They are often discouraged because the creation of their own company because it seems to them “complex”, “difficult” and this, although it is increasingly favored by higher institutions.

The creation of a business, when you are a student, admits many advantages such as being able to invest body and soul in a project that is dear to us, or the possibility of putting into practice the knowledge acquired during our years such as marketing, management, finance.

However, there are many gray areas around student entrepreneurship. Having the right idea does not necessarily mean that you are able to create the right company.

Business creation is often fraught with difficulties. A network and almost non-existent experience and yet dream in his head. Most of the time, tenacity, humility, and the ability to think quickly will make the difference.

I met a lot of students, but some of them marked me by talking about the entrepreneurial experience they live in everyday life, after the creation of their start-up.

Being confident in one’s self

Pierre, a student at School 42 and a co-founder of Off We Fly, had the click for entrepreneurship after winning the student competition, “Student of the Year”.

According to him, to undertake is only a question of balance because “it is necessary to know how to adapt his rhythm of life, to learn to be organized to be able to combine physical form and mental form”. An essential balance to carry out his project. It is important to start when you are a student, and I insist on this point, since “who does not try anything has nothing”.

Business Ideas for students

In addition, entrepreneurship has had positive effects beyond measure in relation to his student life. He says: “I have gained confidence in myself, my fluency has improved, I have learned to defend the projects and ideas that are important to me, and to push my limits”. To be an entrepreneur is to develop personally and professionally. You have to find your rhythm, your rate of development and go step by step but certainly. To believe is already power.

For Alexandre Paepegaey, co-founder of Privateaser: “A combination of several experiences has given me the desire to undertake My involvement in the associative life of the campus has pushed me to stay in this dynamic of launching new projects. ” That’s why investing in student life is necessary to pave the way for entrepreneurship.

Having made the choice of the Central Entrepreneur sector to be armed to start a business, Alexandre thinks that “to start a business, it takes time and perseverance”. I am on this point too. He also explains that he has been granted student-entrepreneur status.

To give a brief explanation, the status of student entrepreneur allows having curriculum developments: the opportunity to use a period of internship to work full time on his project, the opportunity to be connected with coaches who help to take a step back from his activity. This is a great opportunity for a student who wants to impact his future.

Do not forget that you have to live

However, do not believe that doing business is a suitable solution for everyone.
Pierre remains lucid on the model because, as in any project, “nothing ever happens as expected”. But this is also true for everyday life and social life. You just have to understand the little hiccups. Entrepreneurship is a field where reactivity is the order of the day: no need to plan on the comet, he is already lucky if he can plan an event two weeks in advance.

Pierre, despite these little hiccups, believes that this investment of oneself is very rewarding. “The most important thing is personal and professional development: I have never had as many jobs offers as I have since begun to start! The principle is that each success makes you more confident, and that is the confidence who will motivate you to go forward and get your next win, “he says. For Alexandre, the negative point lies in the fact that one must keep in mind to be able to live from his entrepreneurial activity. It is, therefore, necessary for the latter to generate income. This is one of the reasons why starting a business as a student is important.

In addition, there are several financial aids and structures made available during the study period. Supports that are no longer available when the degree is obtained.

Ability to manage failure

I met Pierre Alzingre from “Start’up High School”. It is a business competition organized in high schools to raise young people’s awareness of entrepreneurship. The purpose of this structure is to “live the experience of creating a start-up in 48 hours”. It is also and above all a “serious game” that helps develop self-confidence, and the ability to learn to undertake. These two points being the spearheads of entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurial spirit must be initiated “from the primary, and then amplified as and when the life of the student and student,” said Pierre Alzingre. “We are moving towards a society of self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses, so every young person must be able to understand and live the business through experience.”

However, he points out that failure is very present when starting a business: “Our competitions and programs also make it possible to publicize the failure as soon as possible, and thus to generate the ability to bounce back which is essential for any entrepreneur. ”
It is important for him to set up mentoring and mentoring devices, which are “guarantees of experience and solidarity between entrepreneurs.”

Tips for those who still hesitate

Undertaking while still a student admits many positive sides and few negative aspects. In order to guard against unemployment and the current crisis in the labor market, it is wise to create one’s own job.

So here is the walk I will recommend to all future startups who do not dare:

  • Dare!
  • Create your student entrepreneur status
  • Find the right idea, think according to a need, have your business plan validated
  • Grow a good network now
  • Take advantage of student helpers

The government launched five years ago a national plan “Students Entrepreneurs” to develop the number of structures that help students towards creation, such as incubators in schools, junior companies or the “entrepreneurship pole”. The grandes ├ęcoles offer all of them, and the universities are also starting to help you.

So do not wait any longer and take your future in hand. Dare, tomorrow is today!


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