Business Ideas For women at Home A true Story of Legend

Business Ideas For women
Business Ideas For women

When and why this project?

Marie Ledent: “AFFA was born in the microcredit department of Crédal, which since 2001 offers to finance to small self-employed people who start their activity and find it difficult to find the credits they need; and since 2004 to people in general who need a financial boost in their daily lives. A typical example is a person who lives in a poorly served public transport location and needs credit to buy a used car.

Business Ideas For women at Home

But very quickly, I would say around 2004-2005, we started to question women’s entrepreneurship. The observation was that more men came to see us with a request for microcredit whereas very / too often we link this formula to female entrepreneurship. As studies show that women have roughly the same desire as men to start their small business and that they are still a minority among the self-employed (70% men, 30% women), we thought that something had to be done, and that is ” Affair of Women, Business Women”. I would add that this concept was launched by Credal in 2005.

The concept of a Business Idea

Marie Ledent: “The Crédal helps women who are at the very beginning of their business creation path. We intervene upstream of the business plan since we address women who say “I have a business idea, I would like to do something, but I hesitate again, I do not know if this project holds the road, if I have the necessary skills, if it will be profitable, if that’s really what I want to do, etc. ” Well, we’re here to give them tools, to help them check the feasibility and profitability of the project, to help them put in place an action plan that will enable them to make it a reality or, if need be, to bounce back to something else. ”

The formula Given by Lady

The Marie Ledent: “Women’s Affairs, Women of Business is a training program and support that offers intensive 3 months, 17 days of workshops led by specialized trainers and themselves independent, research work in individual in the field and moments in subgroups and individual to deepen an issue and / or take stock of the progress of their project with a business creation professional.

Business Ideas For women

Beyond market research and the financial plan, this program also helps to clarify issues such as work-life balance, relationship to money and ambition, a way of communicating about oneself and one’s project, etc. Experience shows us that this work not only gives them support that they may not find in their environment but that it also creates a solidarity that will live well beyond the three months of training. Hence the birth in 2012 of the “Affaire de Femmes, Femmes d’Affaires” network.

To come back to our program, the idea is to get these women to sketch what I would call a business plan outline., that they will validate as and when with their trainers and guides. After three months, they will actually have enough elements to answer essential questions: Am I the right person for this project? Does this project have a place on the market, ie, is there a potential clientele and the ability to stand out from the competition? Is the project financeable? Can I reach my break-even point and live my business? On this basis, participants will be able to make a choice: start or reorient themselves. Whatever that choice, they will be able to put in place an action plan to make it a reality. ”

The target audience

Marie Ledent: “In Brussels, we organize two sessions a year. These sessions are funded by Actiris and the European Social Fund which set the priority public as follows: women registered as jobseekers with Actiris and domiciled in the Brussels Region provided they meet at least one following criteria:
Do not have a degree that goes beyond upper secondary,
Have more than 2 years of unemployment,

To be over 45,

be a beneficiary of the social integration income or be of foreign nationality.
However, we have some places for women who do not meet these criteria.
We also have financial support from EFPME (the middle-class training center for access to management and access to the profession). We also offer this course in different cities of the Walloon Region with other access criteria. In Brussels, our training is organized at EFPME for workshops. On the other hand, the individual interviews take place in our antenna at the Dansaert center. In general, women who participate in our program are between 30 and 40 years of age with – for 60% of them – at least a high school diploma, 60% live in couples with or without children. Here too there is a great diversity of profiles.

Business idea results in 100%

Marie Ledent: “As a general rule, in the year following their visit, 20% of women will actually start their project; 20% of them will find a job, and 20% will test their full-size project in an activity cooperative of the ” job yourself “type. In Brussels last year, 28 women registered for our sessions. We also organized 6 information sessions with 88 women (out of 143 registered) and 48 women (out of 56 registered). This work of information and orientation is necessary to allow the female candidates to find the device that corresponds to their need for support. All do not need to go through AFFA.


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