Business startup a practical guidelines

business startup a practical

It’s decided, you embark on a business creation. Starting a business is an extremely exciting adventure, but it can also be seen as a laborious process. You had an idea of ​​genius, but do not know how to realize it? You are convinced to hold a concrete concept, but you throw in the big bath of entrepreneurship terrifies you? Do not panic, you will find on this page practical guides to help you in your business creation process.

Know the different steps to follow to set up your box, discover the mistakes of beginners to avoid, learn how to write a business plan, find out the helpers and grants to start a business that you can benefit … In short, you says everything about business creation!

Some figures on business creation in World

Before going into the heart of the matter, it is always useful to take a step back: how is the creation of business in the Hexagon at the moment? The entrepreneurial dynamic in France continues, since the year 2017 saw business start-ups increase by 7% compared to 2016, with a total of 591,000 companies launched ( INSEE ).

Among these business start-ups, micro-entrepreneurs remain dominant (41%), followed by companies (33%), and finally traditional individual businesses, which represent 26% of creations.
There is also a constant rejuvenation of individual entrepreneurs: in 2017, their average age is 36 (compared to 37 in 2016 and 38 in 2015). 37% of them are under 30, while four out of ten individual entrepreneurs are women.

Business Creation: The Preliminary Steps

Let’s start by getting an overview of the process with our retail guide in a clear, concise and precise way the big steps of business creation . Personal motivation, choice of concept, choice of legal structure, local search, definition of needs, marketing plan … everything is there! It can also be useful to put all the odds on your side by discovering immediately the 17 major mistakes to avoid when starting a business .

Let’s move on to the concept of departure, an essential step if any, since its choice will affect all of your decisions. Discover in this article how to find a business idea , with tips to evaluate your concept, and techniques to awaken your imagination if you dry!

Once your idea is found, it is necessary to confront it to reality, by carrying out a market study . You will discover in our guide the 6 pitfalls to avoid during this exercise. Your market research validated your initial idea? Now is the time to take the next step in writing your company’s business plan. Learn more about this important document, and the objectives it must fulfill, in this business plan guide .

Your business plan will obviously include the financial forecast of your business creation . Find out exactly what this forecast is for, as well as 3 different ways to do it.

How to finance your business creation?

Once these first steps have been completed, you will have to think about financing your business creation.
Indeed, to create a company requires an initial investment more or less important depending on the concept and your ambitions: creation of your website, layout of the premises, purchase of equipment and vehicle, creation costs …

So that your project becomes a reality, you will have to find a way to finance it. To do this, start by reading our complete guide to financing business creation : you will find a detailed analysis of the various options available to you.

If you are looking for a business start-up loan , this can be extremely difficult. But rest assured, there are many solutions to get around the problem: find them in our guide. To go further, read also our article on the 7 ways to build a personal contribution to the creation of a company .

It should be noted that there are a multitude of business start – up aids , as well as start – up grants . Immerse yourself in our detailed guides to discover which ones you may be eligible for, and the steps necessary to benefit from them. If you are an employee, you can also request a leave for business creation : discover in our article what it corresponds to and how to use it.

That’s it, after several weeks of efforts, your business was born? Why not present it at the National Competition for Business Creation ? You may have the chance to win one of four prizes awarded with endowments worth several thousand euros! That’s it, that’s all for this time!

We hope that our guides will have given you the answers you need for your business creation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any remark.


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