How to eat meat for your baby


The baby opened his mouth and revealed a small white tooth. Now his chewing ability is greatly improved. Mom can try to feed the baby some meat. The baby’s little tongue at this time is adapting to all kinds of food, and the little one is exploring the world of food. Baby teeth itch, mother let him eat it!

The baby is open, and the mother has a coup

1, fish mud

Pick fish with less bones, such as squid, remove the thorns, add the right amount of vegetable oil, cook them, pour them into a mud and feed them to the baby. Feed them every three or five days. The fish food is rich in protein. Calcium, phosphorus, iron and a small amount of fat, and easy to digest.

2, liver mud

Take fresh pork liver or chicken liver 50-80 grams, wash and cook, and grind into a mud, add the cooked porridge or noodles, feed the baby to eat, the animal liver contains high protein, phosphorus and iron, there are It can promote blood and promote brain development, and can prevent diseases such as anemia, rickets and malnutrition.

3, minced meat

Take an appropriate amount of fresh lean pork, steamed or fried, and then beaten with a complementary food machine, once every 2-3 days. Lean pork contains more animal protein, less fat, plus cooking, delicate, delicious, easy to be accepted by the baby.


During this period, the baby’s dinner can slowly transition to complementary food. Mothers should adapt their baby to all kinds of foods as much as possible; increase the intake of protein, iron, starch and special protective foods containing immune substances; continue to increase the amount and variety of foods with high iron content; One-half of the gradual increase to one, and appropriate supply of animal blood food.


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