How to improve your baby’s memory promote it


The baby’s memory is developing very well now. He likes to recite some poems, because the rhythm and rhythm of poetry can help him strengthen his memory. In addition to memorizing poetry, there are also some game methods that can extend his memory time.

Image memory

Let the child see a picture of several kinds of animals, limit it to a certain period of time, start at a longer time, then gradually reduce the time of watching, then take the picture away and let the children say which animals are on the picture. If the child doesn’t remember much, can you teach him how to use some memory, such as wings and flying?

Date and time

In everyday life, you can teach your baby the concept of date and time. For example, with the baby said: “Today is June 1, Children’s Day, is the baby’s holiday. Yesterday, the ramie belt baby went to the zoo; tomorrow, we have to go see grandpa, grandma…”

In the process of mastering the abstract date and time concept, the baby needs to recall the past and imagine what is going to happen, which can enhance the baby’s memory and imagination.

We will find that people’s absorption of surrounding information is selective. Everyone is particularly good at one or several aspects, but it is impossible to become a “all-powerful” person in all aspects. This is the selective intelligence of the brain. Related to activities, it is precisely because of the choice mechanism of intellectual activities that people can explore deeper knowledge.

The selection mechanism of advanced intellectual activities

The psycho sensory mechanism is based on choice. In the process of forming the content of thinking, the first step is to make necessary and restrictive choices for various information through the senses, and then to further limit the choices made by the senses. On the basis of the above internal selection activities, a specific choice is formed, so that his attention can be concentrated on specific things, not all activities, and then through will activities, can be from many possible actions. Choose the actions that must be completed.

Through the attention of human beings and the activities of inner will, intelligence extracts the main features of things and puts them into the forefront of consciousness through the association of images. In this process, a large number of factors that lead to ambiguity between things are discarded, and each sound brain can take care of the rough, discard the excess, and retain something useful for creativity.

Intellectual self-training

For intelligence, the individual must conduct self-training of association and choice with the guidance and help of external force until he can limit various viewpoints and choices to cultivate a unique “intellectual habit” and pass this inner heart. Activities form our personal inclination, that is, “in nature.” That is to say, the formation of “innate nature” is not born by nature, it is necessary to obtain through the hard work of the day after tomorrow.

For example, self-inference and understanding of other people’s reasoning are fundamentally different. It is completely different to understand one thing and impose others’ interpretation on ourselves. In order to cultivate intellectual habits, you must have the practice of “must be related to each other”. The teacher will explain it and experience it with yourself. The intellectual result is different.

The development of intelligence brings happiness

The development of intellectual activity can also bring joy to people. This kind of joy is a high level of joy. Because the process of mind-opening is accompanied by a more positive understanding of his emotions, it enables us to establish contact with the world and calm a deeply traumatized heart. These joys are different from the joy brought by play, and they will not last, and the joy brought by intelligence is a kind of free release of happiness, which is a joy of life.


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