How to make your baby learn to eat easily


Every time I feed my baby, it is a test of patience for my parents. Some of them are too skinny. Why don’t they cooperate? It takes a long time to eat a meal. How can I train my baby to eat? This is also part of his self-care ability!

Feed yourself

1. When eating, prepare a small bowl and a small spoon for the baby separately, and then give some food to the baby’s small bowl.

2, put the baby’s food in the place where the baby got it, then put a small chair at the table near the mother’s position, let the baby eat with the mother.

3, Mom / Dad encourage the baby to take a spoon to eat 1-2 spoons of rice, can also help feed a few spoons, while feeding to the baby said: “1,2,3, pinch small spoon; 4,5,6, Send a small mouth.”

4, Mom / Dad when eating with the baby, you can comment on the food “good”, “fresh”, “salty a little”, “put some vinegar better” “to add some soy sauce” and so on. While tasting, teach your baby to understand his mother’s words.

After the baby has finished eating, the mother can continue to play the feeding game with the baby.

1. Mom/Dad first draws some small animals on the paper, such as little monkeys, bunny rabbits, bears, etc., and draws the mouth of the small animal into an exaggerated big mouth.

2, then prepare some things like beans, rice, and then tell the baby: “We are now the zoo’s breeder, the small animals have to eat, let’s feed them together.”

3, Mom / Dad to do demonstrations, teach the baby to master the basic method of taking spoons and feeding small animals, you can also use the animal dolls at home to do this game.

Expert tips:

Let the baby eat and drink the game to exercise the baby’s self-care ability. Parents should not help because the baby is unsuccessful several times, which will develop the habit of relying on others. This habit is hard to change after the baby grows up. The game of feeding small animals can exercise the baby’s ability to imitate and cultivate his love. The baby can learn to care for and care for others while imitating the mother feeding the small animals.


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