How to train your baby to eat with a spoon


After the baby is 1 year old, train him to eat with a small spoon, not only to satisfy his small hand’s desire to explore, but also to exercise his hand, eye and arm and other aspects of coordinated action. However, this is not an easy task. What specific aspects can we start with?

1. Give the baby a bowl of spoon to let him play freely.

After the baby has enough to eat, you can put some large pieces of food that are easy to crush in his bowl, such as tofu, egg yolk, etc., let him poke in the bowl with a spoon, although it is still with a spoon for him. A laborious thing, but the baby has found some fun from squeezing food. After a period of training, he will realize that the spoon is a kind of dining tool, and lay the foundation for eating with a spoon in the future.

2, let the baby eat food with a spoon

You can teach your baby to play a game of food with a spoon and move the food from one bowl to another. For example, cut carrots, cucumbers, etc. into chunks and put them in his small bowl to encourage him to use the spoon to pick up food. At first, the little guy may be anxious because he can’t hold the food. You can help to put the food into his small spoon and give him encouragement words like “baby is awesome, pick up food” and let him Experienced a little sense of accomplishment, which inspires his desire to use the spoon. You can also grab the baby’s hand and guide him to practice.

3, let the baby practice to send food to the mouth

When the baby can pick up the food, you should encourage him to try to send food to his mouth. This process allows the baby to experience the sense of accomplishment of eating with a spoon. The spoon used at this stage is best to choose a hemispherical soup spoon, so that the food is not easy to spill out. You can let the baby try to use the spoon to drink the soup yourself. After his movements become proficient, he can try to use the spoon. Solid food came to eat.


When the baby is using the spoon, it may be food because of poor control. You should not blame the baby! Your jealousy will make your baby lose interest in using the spoon. In addition, teaching your baby to use a spoon is a slow process. You must have patience. After the baby learns to eat with a spoon, maybe someone will feed you to eat! More sensible!


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