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European ecommerce report Weston relies on speed to break into e-commerce

west relies

On his first outing to the Montreal business community, George Weston’s new CEO, Richard Dufresne, left more than one on their appetite.

European E-commerce Report

The President and Chief Executive Officer noted that the “lightning-fast” growth of e-commerce was disrupting all retailers, but he did not specify the action plan and the amount of investment or projects involved. Expansion caressed by Lob law’s owner (L, 61.46 $).

The CEO from Rouyn Noranda simply said that the network of 1000 grocery stores gives the group a strong competitive advantage against the assault of Amazon (AMAZON, US $ 1772.36) in food.
The group’s grocery stores are all within 10 minutes of all Canadians.

“Those who offer the best product assortment and fast, flawless service will win,” he told the 250 guests at the invitation of the Canadian Club of Montreal.

Amazon is still not very present in the food, because it is very complicated to deliver fresh food to the customer when it suits him.

It’s not for nothing that Amazon wants to open 3000 points of sale and that the Chinese Alibaba imitates, suggested the defector Metro (MRU, $ 45.78).

Order-pick up most popular

Weston will let consumers decide, but the model it advocates is one that combines online ordering and in-store pickup. The majority of Canadians are not home during the day to wait for a delivery person.
Speed is a key factor because “80% of Canadians do not know what they will eat for dinner at 4:00 pm,” Dufresne said, citing a survey. Loblaw also saw a 30% increase in online order volume after cutting the window by 4 to 2 hours for customers to pick up their groceries in stores.

In Asia, the delivery window is already 30 minutes long, he said. In the Provigo and Maxi stores in Quebec, employees will even bring groceries to the customer’s car to integrate this stop into their journey. In Toronto, the group is also testing other approaches such as picking up orders at six subway stations.
For home delivery, Loblaw teamed up with Instacart a year ago. For now, this service is offered in twenty markets. It will be soon in Quebec too.

The traditional stores will continue to be “relevant”, given the importance of the car in the North American culture, ensures the big boss. Mr. Dufresne recalled that e-commerce is still very marginal in the country’s food, with a penetration rate of only 1%, compared to 7% in Britain and Japan.
“The delivery is expensive, but it will change in a few years,” he added.


In office for eleven months at the Weston Bar, Mr. Dufresne has not slipped a bell on the recent reorganization that saw the Choice Properties Investment Trust (CHP.UN, $ 12.25) move from Loblaw to Weston.

This asset realignment is designed to add value to Loblaw, which no longer consolidates Choice Properties’ debt and becomes a pure retailer. At the same time, Choice Properties in Weston has a better-equipped shareholder to financially support future expansion plans.

This complex exchange gives Weston holding a true third leg of growth: real estate. “The fact that the Weston family agrees to reduce their control block in George Weston from 63% to 53% in order to facilitate the transfer of assets is a reflection of the strategic importance it places on real estate,” said Patricia Baker.

Scotiabank announced the redesign in September.

The ultimate motivation of the fourth-generation family will undoubtedly be revealed when its companies make other strategic moves, argued the analyst. “Weston has raised the possibility of adding a fourth pillar to the group in one area of expertise, but the horizon looks more medium term than in the short term,” said Jim Durran of Barclays on November 21st.

The analyst estimated that Weston would have the means to make a purchase of $ 640 to $ 780 million, without compromising its credit rating. Mr. Durran had reduced his target price from $ 113 to $ 96 because the new portfolio structure justified a 15% discount to the value of his assets.

A training actuary, Mr. Dufresne also did not mention the painstaking recovery of baker Weston Foods, which is slow to produce results. For 2018, its revenues will decline by 6% and its operating profit by 20%, predicts Mr. Durran.

This subsidiary represents 2 to 5% of the value of Georges Weston.

Although he is disappointed with the performance of the bakery subsidiary, Mark Petrie of CIBC believes that Loblaw’s performance and the stability of the real estate fund make Weston attractive to the most patient investors. The analyst sets his target price at $ 107.
The title of George Weston has yielded a total return of 21% for 5 years, but its course is at the same level it had in 2001.

Emerging currencies in the heart of the Argentina G20

Emerging currencies in the heart of the Argentina G20

This weekend, Buenos Aires hosted the annual summit of the group of 20. Marked by the media influence of trade negotiations and discussions on climate, this edition 2018 also focused on the difficulties of the South American continent and its currencies. By Sebastien Oum, Ceo Yseulis

Thirteenth meeting in the Argentinian

For this thirteenth meeting, the Argentinian capital wanted to highlight the evolution of work in the digital age, private investment to support development infrastructure, and sustainable agricultural production. Unfortunately for the host country, the world geopolitical and economic news has been invited to the program of this meeting to the point of capturing most of the media coverage of the event. Behind the scenes, the Argentine peso, the Brazilian real, and the Venezuelan bolívar were indeed present in the heart of the negotiations.

Record inflation in Venezuela, a stall of the Argentine peso and election of a far-right president in Brazil, we must recognize that sources of instability are not lacking in South America. In October, Venezuelan bolívar inflation exceeded the astronomical threshold of 800,000%. On the side of the Argentine peso, the volatility has certainly fallen in recent days, but the currency remains under pressure at around 40 pesos for 1 euro (against 22 on 1 January). In Brazil, the liberal program of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro currently allows the real to cost 4.30 reais for 1 euro (against a high of 4.91 in mid-September). In this turbulent context, in order to stabilize their economies, Latin American countries must first and foremost stabilize their currencies.

To do this, in the wake of the G-20 negotiations, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Argentine President Mauricio Macri signed this Sunday a swap (swap) worth $ 9 billion. By sealing this agreement to exchange with China this sum of money in the future at an exchange rate and at a given date, the Argentine Central

Bank signs a nice transaction and strengthens the stability of its currency

Supported by the International Monetary Fund, South America’s third-largest economy had received $ 50 billion in June 2018 before it was $ 57.1 billion in September and advanced to deal with the urgency of the situation. The signing of this agreement with Beijing allows Buenos Aires to strengthen its foreign exchange reserves while strengthening its economic cooperation with the Asian giant.

Beijing will buy American

Donald Trump waives the imposition of exorbitant customs duties against China in exchange for more purchases of US products.

Beijing has therefore committed to buying a “not yet defined, but very substantial” amount of US products, to reduce the colossal trade imbalance between the two countries. Moreover, China will start this Monday to buy more American agricultural products.

Washington waives to carry as expected from 10% to 25% tariff on 200 billion dollars of Chinese imports – half of the total – from 1 January 2019 – A truce in this Sino-US conflict. This decision is only suspended for a period of 90 days pending a new agreement on “structural changes” in their commercial relations.
Wang Yi told him about a “win-win” outcome of this meeting, at the end of a high-voltage G20 summit in Argentina. Trump after bending Mexico, Canada, the US did it bend China? Case to follow.

Shopping Malls attract customers Business news

These hormones that make us buy

Exposing customers to pictures of muscular men or attractive women would be enough to push them to over-consumption. This is the conclusion of a study that opens the way for the biological manipulation of our preferences. Explanations with Stephane Mailhiot.

Shopping Mall Attractive Designs

You come back from the mall with your shopping. You bought more than you expected. And you have also opted for more luxurious and ostentatious products than usual. Your partner questions you about your sudden materialism. You answer that it’s the fault … hormones and porter.

shopping malls

This is, in any case, the conclusion of the study of Tobias Otterbring reported in Harvard Business Review. The researcher compared the consumption of clients with and without the presence of a physically imposing man at the entrance of a business. While the presence of the Hercules did not change the buying behavior of women, it did incite men to spend a lot more. In the presence of this highly visible rival, they bought on average $ 165 worth of goods, compared to only $ 92 in the others. An increase in purchases as important as it is unconscious.

Shopping Mall Receptionist

The difference in billing is attributable to the average purchase price, which rose by 80%, while the number of items sold at the cash desk changed little. According to the researchers, it is the desire of these gentlemen to report their status to this potential competitor who has opened their portfolio and led to the acquisition of more luxurious goods.

The biological cause of this unconscious behavior is testosterone. In another laboratory test, researchers have shown that taking male sex hormone capsules changes men’s preference for certain prestige brands. These men have for example choosing a jean perceived as more famous rather than a less prestigious product, but of equivalent quality. Men boosted with testosterone have also responded better to prestige-based advertising, while their receptivity to quality messages or promises of power has remained unchanged. The pre-testosterone level of about 250 participants already revealed a significant correlation with a search for status in the brand preference.

Hormone therapy at the mall

Brands can influence our hormones. For example, testosterone levels rise in certain contexts, such as sports competitions (especially when they are won), or after conspicuous consumption experiences, such as driving a luxury car (rather than our usual minivan). Given that the sex hormone also tends to increase in the presence of potential partners, the use of trophy women in some luxury stores is not surprising.
The influence of hormones on female consumption has already been demonstrated, while the preference for clothing and food fluctuates with the hormonal cycle. Women, like “testosterone” men, are looking for prestige as they approach ovulation. The mechanism would be similar: the desire to establish social status to attract better partners.

Creating the ideal context for buying is at the heart of marketing practice. The fact that certain environments tend to secrete certain hormones opens the door to biological manipulation of our preferences and raises a series of ethical questions.

Attention, manipulation possible by Images

The mere presence of images can influence our preferences. Being exposed to pictures of beefy men is enough to push men to a more ostentatious consumption and to choose, for example, clothes with larger logos. In the same way, women who have watched pictures of attractive women have tended to over-use products to maintain their weight, focus on extreme physical activity and even opt for less discreet beauty products, such as the self-tanners.

Since the effect of imposing models is especially felt among smaller men, some businesses may assign particularly large sellers to small men, in the hope that their willingness to compete makes them open their wallets. Beyond the moral aspect of the thing, it would be necessary to evaluate the level of satisfaction of these customers as for the whole experience and project their propensity to set foot in the store. Short-term manipulation or long-term loyalty?


Housing crisis Labor and Archaeology

Housing crises

Seniors face the housing challenge, the average salary is on the rise, and artifacts discovered this summer in Montreal are exciting archaeologists.

Housing crisis among seniors?

One in four Quebecers will be in old age by 2031. If the supply of housing does not accelerate, many seniors may be unable to find a place in residence, or pay the required rent, says the agency DBRS rating system. The vacancy rate for independent living is 6.9 percent in 2018, and costs an average of $ 1,729 per month to live in, reports Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. For a “hard care” place (1.5 hours of care and more per day), the vacancy rate is only 4.2%, and the average monthly rent is $ 3,180. And these monthly payments are on the rise across Canada. The housing can, therefore, be a headache for seniors who only rely on the Québec Pension Plan (basic average pension in 2016:

A beautiful 4% Housing crisis

In Quebec, the labor shortage, exacerbated by full employment, gives employers headaches, but it is good news for workers: it pushes their wages up! After a few years of scarcity, the average weekly earnings of employees increased by 4% compared to last year, reaching $ 932.51 in June 2018. This is one of the highest increases in the country, according to Statistics. Canada. Compensation for hourly paid employees increased 3.8% to $ 24.64 per hour.

In search of Hochelaga

Discovering, under the asphalt of downtown Montreal, the remains of what could be the mythical Iroquoian village of Hochelaga, that spiced up the life of Quebec archaeologists in the summer of 2018.
This village, visited by the explorer Jacques Cartier in 1535, “is a bit like the holy grail of Quebec archaeologists,” explains Christian Gates St-Pierre, an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at the Université de Montréal and head of the department. Project Hochelaga, which aims to document the Iroquoian presence on the island of Montreal.

The excitement of archeology has grown a notch when, in the summer, a team unearthed various artifacts near the intersection of Peel Street and Sherbrooke Street. “It could be the continuation of the Dawson site, that is, the remains of a nearby Iroquois village in 1859 at the corner of Metcalfe and Maisonneuve Streets,” says Roland Tremblay, an archaeologist with Ethnoscop. which, at the request of the City, has been excavating since the construction of the Fleuve-Montagne Parkway, a pedestrian circuit inaugurated in 2016.

Is this the place that symbolizes the first official meeting between Amerindians and Europeans? According to Jacques Cartier, “it was a large village, a kind of capital city that included at least 50 longhouses where 1,500 to 2,000 people lived,” says Christian Gates St-Pierre. Archaeologist Roland Tremblay is working on dating the artifacts found downtown. “The first results indicate that they go back to the years 1375-1400, more than a century before the advent of Cartier. But this is not officially excluded. The dating work continues …You never know! “

Business Ideas for students How to step in a Business

Business Ideas for students

Our generation is filled with young people with a strong desire to undertake. The students I can meet have a lot of ideas that they would like to bring to life, however, I notice that few choose to start a business. Perhaps because the current situation around employment worries them. Yet, in our exchanges, I feel that they are more and more interested in creating their own jobs. They do not necessarily find the courage and the determination for all that.

Business Ideas for students – Be confident

They are often discouraged because the creation of their own company because it seems to them “complex”, “difficult” and this, although it is increasingly favored by higher institutions.

The creation of a business, when you are a student, admits many advantages such as being able to invest body and soul in a project that is dear to us, or the possibility of putting into practice the knowledge acquired during our years such as marketing, management, finance.

However, there are many gray areas around student entrepreneurship. Having the right idea does not necessarily mean that you are able to create the right company.

Business creation is often fraught with difficulties. A network and almost non-existent experience and yet dream in his head. Most of the time, tenacity, humility, and the ability to think quickly will make the difference.

I met a lot of students, but some of them marked me by talking about the entrepreneurial experience they live in everyday life, after the creation of their start-up.

Being confident in one’s self

Pierre, a student at School 42 and a co-founder of Off We Fly, had the click for entrepreneurship after winning the student competition, “Student of the Year”.

According to him, to undertake is only a question of balance because “it is necessary to know how to adapt his rhythm of life, to learn to be organized to be able to combine physical form and mental form”. An essential balance to carry out his project. It is important to start when you are a student, and I insist on this point, since “who does not try anything has nothing”.

Business Ideas for students

In addition, entrepreneurship has had positive effects beyond measure in relation to his student life. He says: “I have gained confidence in myself, my fluency has improved, I have learned to defend the projects and ideas that are important to me, and to push my limits”. To be an entrepreneur is to develop personally and professionally. You have to find your rhythm, your rate of development and go step by step but certainly. To believe is already power.

For Alexandre Paepegaey, co-founder of Privateaser: “A combination of several experiences has given me the desire to undertake My involvement in the associative life of the campus has pushed me to stay in this dynamic of launching new projects. ” That’s why investing in student life is necessary to pave the way for entrepreneurship.

Having made the choice of the Central Entrepreneur sector to be armed to start a business, Alexandre thinks that “to start a business, it takes time and perseverance”. I am on this point too. He also explains that he has been granted student-entrepreneur status.

To give a brief explanation, the status of student entrepreneur allows having curriculum developments: the opportunity to use a period of internship to work full time on his project, the opportunity to be connected with coaches who help to take a step back from his activity. This is a great opportunity for a student who wants to impact his future.

Do not forget that you have to live

However, do not believe that doing business is a suitable solution for everyone.
Pierre remains lucid on the model because, as in any project, “nothing ever happens as expected”. But this is also true for everyday life and social life. You just have to understand the little hiccups. Entrepreneurship is a field where reactivity is the order of the day: no need to plan on the comet, he is already lucky if he can plan an event two weeks in advance.

Pierre, despite these little hiccups, believes that this investment of oneself is very rewarding. “The most important thing is personal and professional development: I have never had as many jobs offers as I have since begun to start! The principle is that each success makes you more confident, and that is the confidence who will motivate you to go forward and get your next win, “he says. For Alexandre, the negative point lies in the fact that one must keep in mind to be able to live from his entrepreneurial activity. It is, therefore, necessary for the latter to generate income. This is one of the reasons why starting a business as a student is important.

In addition, there are several financial aids and structures made available during the study period. Supports that are no longer available when the degree is obtained.

Ability to manage failure

I met Pierre Alzingre from “Start’up High School”. It is a business competition organized in high schools to raise young people’s awareness of entrepreneurship. The purpose of this structure is to “live the experience of creating a start-up in 48 hours”. It is also and above all a “serious game” that helps develop self-confidence, and the ability to learn to undertake. These two points being the spearheads of entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurial spirit must be initiated “from the primary, and then amplified as and when the life of the student and student,” said Pierre Alzingre. “We are moving towards a society of self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses, so every young person must be able to understand and live the business through experience.”

However, he points out that failure is very present when starting a business: “Our competitions and programs also make it possible to publicize the failure as soon as possible, and thus to generate the ability to bounce back which is essential for any entrepreneur. ”
It is important for him to set up mentoring and mentoring devices, which are “guarantees of experience and solidarity between entrepreneurs.”

Tips for those who still hesitate

Undertaking while still a student admits many positive sides and few negative aspects. In order to guard against unemployment and the current crisis in the labor market, it is wise to create one’s own job.

So here is the walk I will recommend to all future startups who do not dare:

  • Dare!
  • Create your student entrepreneur status
  • Find the right idea, think according to a need, have your business plan validated
  • Grow a good network now
  • Take advantage of student helpers

The government launched five years ago a national plan “Students Entrepreneurs” to develop the number of structures that help students towards creation, such as incubators in schools, junior companies or the “entrepreneurship pole”. The grandes écoles offer all of them, and the universities are also starting to help you.

So do not wait any longer and take your future in hand. Dare, tomorrow is today!