Train your baby’s taste game


The Chinese are particularly particular about food, and they are required to enjoy all kinds of ingredients. In the international arena, the Chinese are estimated to be “recognized food”, haha! In fact, for the baby, tasting food can not only develop the baby’s taste, touch, temperature and judgment, but also enhance his understanding of the food name. Taste training is also an early education!

Prepare several foods and beverages with different tastes, hardness’s and temperatures in advance. Don’t let the child see it when you prepare, then say to the child: “Today, please play the baby as a blind person and taste something delicious. But after you taste it, you can tell what it is and what it tastes.” Then, blindfolded with a handkerchief. His eyes. (A correct answer is to be given)

Taste the taste of 4 different types of food during the game

1, eat fruit: distinguish sweet, sour taste, give your baby pear, orange, banana, lemon, apple, grape, watermelon, etc. (select fruit according to the season). Ask the child what is it? What is the taste?

2, eat biscuits: distinguish between sweet and salty, give the baby a sweet biscuit in the left hand and a salty biscuit in the right hand. After eating, raise your hand to indicate which hand is holding a sweet biscuit, which hand is a salty biscuit. (enhance the child’s ability to respond)

3, eat sugar: to distinguish the hard, soft touch, can give the baby to eat hard fruit sugar and soft toffee. Ask the child to say the feeling after the taste, which kind of hard, which kind of soft, at the same time can be separated which hand is hard, which hand is soft.

4, drink beverages: to distinguish the feeling of cold, heat, warm, give the baby to taste cold water, hot soup, warm water, let him drink cold, hot, warm feeling.

At the end of the game, unpack the handkerchief, let the baby see the food and drink that he tasted, and ask what is it again? What? However, when you start the game, it is best to try only 2 to 3 kinds of food, and then gradually increase.


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