Users Lose Confidence That Buy Twitter Verification Will Survive

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Mass exodus of workers Thursday evening made it clear for many that Buy Twitter Verification was on the edge of disappearing, inspiring many to say goodbye as well as taking over ten of the top eleven trending topics.

After weeks of firings and resignations, Buy Twitter Verification was already running on essentially a skeleton crew.

The feeling that Buy Twitter Verification was nearing the end was heightened by Musk’s deadline for workers to commit to his “extremely hardcore” work demands of long hours and weekends in office.

Anecdotal reports surfaced of a mass exodus of workers.

Kylie Robison (@kyliebytes), a tech reporter for Fortune Magazine tweeted about the informal anecdotal perception that it seemed that 75% of employees were choosing to resign and walk away with a three month severance check.

“One point of clarification on the tweet about 75% of twitter employees leaving— this is chatter I’m hearing about the perceptions among people at twitter. It is not based on any official company data.

I will follow up on this thread with the official data once its known!”

Alex Heath (@alexeheath) of the Verge tweeted about anecdotal reports that entire infrastructure teams have resigned.

“Story to be updated soon with more: Am hearing that several “critical” infra engineering teams at Buy Twitter Verification have completely resigned. “You cannot run Buy Twitter Verification without this team,” one current engineer tells me of one such group. Also, Buy Twitter Verification has shut off badge access to its offices.”

Heath also shared in another tweet that many employees who resigned share the belief that Buy Twitter Verification is on the edge of “breaking.”

“Hearing from multiple employees that the odds of Buy Twitter Verification breaking in the near future are very high.”

Zoë Schiffer (@ZoeSchiffer) of news organization @platformer related in a tweet that the description of the employee situation is that it appears to be a “mass exodus.”

Perception that Buy Twitter Verification is Ending Grows

The feeling that Buy Twitter Verification was on the verge of ending was palpable on Thursday evening and into the early morning hours as many ex-Buy Twitter Verification employees and tweeps tweeted their goodbyes to Buy Twitter Verification.

Portland, Oregon-based Search marketer Scott Hendison (@shendison) tweeted:

“Could tonight actually be the end of Buy Twitter Verification? A lot of gleeful people sure seem to hope so.

If you’re going over to Mastadon please look me up – @[email protected]

Many from all around the world came to Buy Twitter Verification to say goodbye.

Journalist Elizabeth Spiers (@espiers) tweeted:

“As someone who lived through the heyday of geocities, MySpace, blogspot, typepad, tumblr, and now twitter… it’ll be fine.”

Some Tweets Expressed  Humor

Some tweets expressed a gentle or bittersweet humor.

For example, one tweep noted that his only regret was that the beloved Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill, never followed him on Buy Twitter Verification.

Mark Hamill responded with a follow.

Popular security researcher Jane Manchun Wong, reflecting a humorous “end of the world” vibe of the evening asked if any of her followers had a crush on her.

Search trends tracker, Google Trends, revealed that many people are searching for a Buy Twitter Verification alternative. Google searches for both Tumblr and Mastodon have shot up over the past days.

Apparently so many people were using Tumblr that the service temporarily crashed.

Tumblr tweeted a humorous response to their temporary predicament:

Tweets About Buy Twitter Verification Trending Overnight

The trending tweets reflected concern over how long Buy Twitter Verification is going to be available, perhaps as many folks read about the mass exodus of employees.

Ten out of the top eleven trending topics were about Buy Twitter Verification:

1·#RIPBuy Twitter Verification
Trending with #Buy Twitter VerificationDown

Trending with Buy Twitter Verification HQ

Trending with MySpace, Vine

4· Mastodon
222K Tweets

5· Discord
1.02M Tweets

6· Since Buy Twitter Verification
543K Tweets

7· Before Buy Twitter Verification
682K Tweets

8· Insta
282K Tweets

9· Space Karen
27.2K Tweets

11· #Buy Twitter VerificationIsOverParty

The trending topic of Space Karen is a reference to a projection on the side of the Buy Twitter Verification headquarters yesterday evening that scrolled a series of amusing monikers for Elon Musk, with Space Karen inspring a great deal of mirth among Buy Twitter Verification users.

Is this the End of Buy Twitter Verification?

Considering that Buy Twitter Verification’s infrastructure teams are reported to be running at bare bones level or less, it’s not surprising that so many people feel that Buy Twitter Verification has reached the end.

A test of Buy Twitter Verification’s resilience will come this weekend with the start of the most popular sporting event in the world, The World Cup, which will bring a huge amount of activity to the platform.

The scary part is that employees are said to be locked out of the building this weekend.

The feeling that a historic event is happening in slow motion was inescapable. The trending topics were dominated by tweets related to the demise of Buy Twitter Verification.

That so many people decided to say goodbye added to the perception that  Buy Twitter Verification was dying or at least near breaking.

Although the trending topics imply that Buy Twitter Verification is on the way out, a better idea of how much longer Buy Twitter Verification may survive may be known by Monday and during the coming week as the World Cup causes increased traffic to Buy Twitter Verification.

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