What is kitchen parenting?


A kitchen that looks dangerous and not suitable for young children has become a base for many moms to raise their babies. Why is this? The reason is a little unbelievable! Below, let’s start with the origin of “kitchen parenting”!

Baby needs trigger “kitchen props”

The beginning of kitchen childcare comes from the needs of the baby. In some countries, mothers are mainly responsible for doing housework and bringing children. When my mother cooks, the baby who likes to stick to the skin naturally follows the kitchen, and curiously wants to touch this and see. At first, the baby would play some pots and pans, and gradually they began to march into some dangerous goods, kitchen knives, scissors, can openers… So mothers began to strongly urge the production of safer kitchen utensils, suitable for Items used by children came into being.

Baby special kitchen props

Baby kitchen supplies are not only small but also very safe. For example, the blade of a baby chopper is like the back of a common chopper, allowing the baby to learn to cut some soft items, such as boiled eggs, potatoes, carrots, etc. From the previous single cooking function, the kitchen has become a place for mothers and babies to learn and communicate!

Kitchen culture life attitude

Kitchen childcare not only cultivates the baby’s hands-on ability, but more importantly, cultivates an optimistic attitude towards life–“cooking well in order to eat well will make people develop a positive attitude towards life.”


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